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October 24, 2017
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Defending a sex crime is not an easy task especially one that occurred without any witnesses. Furthermore, some sex crimes are usually reported years after the alleged acts occurred. In the event you are arrested and set to be charged with a sexual offence, it is advisable to contact a sex crimes lawyer to defend you. Here are 4 ways to defend a sex crime with no witnesses.

Using Forensic Experts

Most sex crimes are usually prosecuted on the basis of information obtained from communication devices like cell phones, computers, cameras and other storage devices. The prosecution will use any communication you had with the accusing party to build a case against you.

With a forensic expert, you can effectively challenge any evidence obtained from communication and storage devices. A forensic expert will be able to undertake an in-depth forensic analysis of all digital communication with a view of discrediting use of information obtained from your communication devices.

Use Expert Witnesses

One effective way to defend against sex crimes with no witnesses is to rely on expert witnesses. An expert witness is a person with specialize knowledge and experience in a particular field. They will be able to provide their professional opinion in court with a view of helping a judge or jury better understand a particular subject.

Expert witnesses like medical professionals, psychiatrist, psychologists and private investigators can provide useful insight in court which will be helpful to you case.

  • Private investigators can investigate motive of accusers and find information that can discredit them
  • Medical professionals will give their professional opinion on the victims’ account of events, analyze any alleged injuries and evidence of sexual contact with the alleged victim
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists will undertake psychological evaluations of the defendant and accuser

Using a Polygraph Test

A polygraph test is an important defense strategy that could help you dismantle a sex crime case where there are no witnesses even before it starts. In such a case, a polygraph test, also referred to as a lie detector can greatly impact your case especially if the sex case is based on the accuser’s word of mouth.

As a defendant, passing a police polygraph will greatly help your defense as the accuser will be viewed as being unreliable even by the prosecution team. It is however important to ensure that the police polygraph test is done by a professional and experienced individual who will administer a fair test in an ethical manner.

Before undertaking a police polygraph test, your sex crime attorney will conduct at least one private and confidential polygraph test. Your attorney will likely agree to a police polygraph if they are sure the polygraph will help in your defense. Find out why a sex crime attorney is very important in your defense.

Have a Strong Defense Team

The most effective way to challenge sex crime allegations where there are no witnesses is to have a strong legal team to defend. Even though most defendants believe that contacting an attorney before being charged is a sign of guilt, having an attorney is crucial as they will protect your rights throughout the investigation and ensure a fair and through investigation is done by the police.

Additionally, having a strong defense team will mount a very effective defense that will rebuff any evidence brought by the prosecution and help you with your sex crime case.


Larry Gosse

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